Malalia Villa



The lovely Malalia Villa is an original, cheerful, friendly and convenient holiday home which will make your stay unforgettable.

Facing the Caribbean sea, you will spend enjoyable holidays, with your family or your friends, in Malalia Villa.

The villa is located in Tanetane (Dominica), less than 2 km from Portsmouth (the second largest town on the island).

Close to the Caribbean sea and to the main road, it is the ideal base to explore the natural resources on the island of Dominica.




LadominiqueactivitesTake your flippers and your mask, and go for diving in a rich marine environment. Whether you are a novice or an experienced diver, enjoy this unique moment.
LadominiqueactivitesYou can go for wonderful walks (with or without a guide), close to the villa, through the lush nature of the island with its mountains, volcanoes, waterfalls, regardless of your physical condition. 
LadominiqueactivitesExplore the wild but beautiful and welcoming nature of this island enjoying kayaking or river tubing. For beginners and lovers of canyoning.
LadominiqueactivitesIf you wish to relax in the heart of this wild nature, enjoy the water naturally heated by the volcanoes and renowned for its beneficial effects.

LadominiqueactivitesNot far from the villa are the famous beaches of the film “Pirates of the Caribbean”. Every beach on the island is the ideal place after hiking or for sunbathing.

LadominiqueactivitesTry out the Caribbean rope course, horse trekking through the island, or sea fishing for unforgettable memories.